Care Advocates Inc. is a Public Benefit 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization Your tax-deductible donation to our non-profit help us to “To provide advocacy to those who need it”. Currently we are advocating by providing supportive housing for seniors, special education advocacy and coordination of services for individuals with special needs.


Our Volunteer Staff

Jeannie C. Newman Master of Social Work – Complete comprehensive psycho-social needs assessment of clients. Provide case management and counseling. Network and develop community relationships.

Jennifer E. Thomas Master Arts Special Education – Special Education Advocate.  Attend IEPS Education meetings, Students Assessments, Manage Nutrition, Planning, coordinating Events.

Lionel A. Thomas Real Estate Appraiser – Housing Advocate, Acquire, Manage and Maintain properties that will help shelter families, foster children, disabled peoples and seniors in need of affordable supportive, temporary and long term housing.

Shirley A. Barlow Retired Housing Authority Supervisor, Retired Real Estate Appraiser – Senior Advocate, Provide Counseling, Quality Control of Staff, Properties and Volunteers.

Kelsey L. Zurcher Master Science Regenerative Studies – Program Coordinator.

Debbie Young

James Young

Sarah Ortega 

Linh Tran



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412 West H Street
Ontario CA, 91762
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La Roda Court R&B for Seniors
Ontario CA, 91762

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