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To provide advocacy to those in need.

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We identify the nature of a problem, the barriers to solving it, the resources available for solving it, and the action to be taken.
Supportive Homes
Supportive Homes prevents homelessness by quickly connecting people to a home and services.  We Create Independent living homes that includes 3 meals a day,  utilities, housekeeping, laundering of clothes/bed linens/towels and wellness visits.  We are currently accepting residents 60 years and above.  If needed residents can also arrange physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, skilled nursing visits.
Education Advocacy
It is the job of the Special Education advocate to be a skillful problem solver and seek to prevent problems; only when “preventions fail” must the advocate “seek to remedy any violations of a student’s rights” (Turnbull, Turnbull, Erwin, Soodak 154). Another equally important aspect of being a skilled Special Education advocate is “keeping your conscience primed,” this refers to the ability to “feel…a sense of concern, irritations and sometimes even outrage when children and youth with exceptionalities and their families experience injustice”.
Helping Hunger
When it comes to helping hunger, we have weekly opportunities for anyone in need to be served large portions of fruits, vegetables, canned goods, bread, fish and meat.  We have volunteered weekly at a local food bank in order to learn the time commitment, tools, vehicles and promotions required to run a successful food bank program.  To learn more, contact Jennifer Thomas.
Homes Opened
Families Served
Volunteer Staff


we take an active role in communities and contribute to the overall well-being of communities.
Jeannie Newman
Jeannie Newman

Senior Advocate

Masters of Social Work SJSU – Complete comprehensive psycho-social needs assessment of clients. Provide case management and counseling. Network and develop community relationships.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas

Education Advocate

Master Arts Special Education – Special Education Advocate. Research Education Programs, Work With CDE, LEA and Families.  Attend IEP Education Meetings, Interdisciplinary Assessment Services, Manage Nutrition, Planning, coordinating Events.

Lionel Thomas
Lionel Thomas

Housing Advocate

Real Estate Appraiser, Consultant – Acquire, Manage and Maintain properties that will help shelter families, foster children, disabled peoples and seniors in need of affordable supportive, temporary and long term housing.

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